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  • ANG Band of the Northeast prepares for annual holiday concert

    The hustle and bustle of the season is upon the Airmen of the Air National Guard Band of the Northeast as they prepare for their annual holiday concert set for Dec. 16 at the Auditorium of the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Harrisburg, at 3 p.m.
  • Airman Insight: Master Sgt. Kerrie Moore

    Master Sgt. Kerrie Moore, an airspace manager with the 193rd Combat Operations Squadron here, recently earned the title of Outstanding Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year for the Pennsylvania National Guard. She was also recently named USO Air Force Servicemember of the Year for the Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey region. She recently sat down for an interview and explained what motivates her to keep crushing it professionally.
  • Nicole Yingling: Airman, doctor, business owner

    Being the best at many things isn’t just difficult – it can be like pulling teeth. Just ask Lt. Col. Nicole Yingling a 193rd Special Operations Medical Group dentist, a board-certified civilian root canal therapy specialist, and business owner and operator of two private practices. But Yingling’s successes weren’t handed to her – the journey to the top included more than nine years of intense graduate and undergraduate schooling, admissions exams, certifications, officer training school, adjusting to life abroad, and everything that comes with the rigors of opening and running two of your own businesses.
  • 193rd Airman burns barriers, makes history in Lancaster’s Bureau of Fire

    The siren starts going off. A 911 dispatcher echoes through the loud speaker giving a location and a brief description of why the department is being dispatched. The call came from a local factory on the outermost part of the city. I stand out of the way, watching as the firefighters rush to get their 70 pounds of gear on and get on the road – they have less than 60 seconds. The truck sirens echo throughout the station as they pull out onto the road, and the blinding white and red lights come on signaling to others that an emergency responder vehicle is coming through. In order to follow closely behind, I hop into the fire chief’s vehicle as he turns his lights and siren on. We are headed to the scene of a fire.
  • Security forces complete defensive tactics training

    A group of security forces Airmen gather around a beat-up Dodge Stratus. It’s no longer in running condition but serves its purpose as a training aid for the unit. The Airmen are watching a struggle between three of their counterparts that is taking place in the driver-seat of the vehicle. They cheer on the Airmen as the struggle wages on. One Airman, who is playing the role of a subject, is clinging onto the steering wheel while two others are working to extract him from the vehicle. The conflict is like a game of inches, neither side wanting to give up precious ground. The struggle continues for more than five minutes, both sides working to establish a more dominant position. There is a moment when it seems as though the training should be stopped, End of Exercise or ENDEX, as if ending the moment in a draw. However, like the real-world scenarios that the Airmen are training for, there will be no ENDEX, the training continues until a solution is achieved. The lead instructor, sounds off and encourages the Airmen to continue to problem solve and try to find a solution. The struggle continues. After the lengthy stalemate, the two Airmen back out of the vehicle and switch positions. One works to break the subject’s grasp on the steering wheel then grabs his legs, while the other locks on with a head and arm clinch hold. This time they execute with more precision, pulling the subject free from the vehicle and subduing him on the ground after a brief struggle. It may have taken longer than the other interactions, but the Airmen worked through adversity, made adjustments, re-engaged and accomplished the task at hand. This was just one of the many tasks the 193rd Special Operations Security Forces Squadron Airmen completed during a three-day course on defensive tactics held by Progressive F.O.R.C.E Concepts July 11-13 in Middletown, Pennsylvania.
  • Airman Insight: Staff Sgt. Lacey McCuean

    Staff Sgt. Lacey McCuean, a production recruiter and retainer with the 193rd Special Operations Wing, has served six years in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. She originally served as a personnel specialist with the 171st Air Refueling Wing in Coraopolis. The Darlington, Pennsylvania native recently sat down for an interview to share some insight.
  • 193rd SOSFS Airmen represent Pennsylvania Air National Guard in PT challenge

    On a grassy lawn outside of Xfinity Live in the Wells Fargo complex, Philadelphia, teams relayed through burpees, hula hooping, pushups, kettlebell drag, box jumping and other challenges May 8, 2018.
  • Airman Insight: Master Sgt. Tim Blasco

    Master Sgt. Tim Blasco, the 193rd Special Operations Support Squadron intelligence superintendent, has served 15 years in the military. He originally served on active duty with the U.S. Army as a motor transport operator (88M) from 2002 to 2005. Shortly after his time in the Army, Blasco joined the 193rd Special Operations Wing as an operations intelligence analysis. The Newville, Pennsylvania native recently sat down for an interview to share some insight and philosophy.
  • Airman Insight: Chief Master Sgt. Bill Yingling

    Chief Master Sgt. Bill Yingling, the command chief master sergeant for the 193rd Special Operations Wing, has served in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard for 30 years.The Gettysburg native recently sat down for an interview to share some insight.
  • Pennsylvania National Guard helps bring joy

    Twinkling lights.