An Air National Guard recruiter walks new recruits through the enlistment process.

Speaking to a recruiter does not obligate an individual to serve, and it is possible to meet with a recruiter several times before joining the military. Recruiters can answer any questions about the specific service and the military in general; they help match people to career opportunities; and they help prepare recruits for Basic Military Training (BMT). Also, recruiters welcome questions from parents.

Parents are also welcome to witness the last stage of the enlistment process, which is an enlistment ceremony. During the ceremony, a military officer will conduct the Oath of Enlistment, in which recruits swear that they will support and defend the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Constitution of the United States.

Meet Our Recruiters

Master Sgt. Annie Link (Retention Office Manager)

After serving 11 years with the PA Army National Guard I left the service to complete my B.A. and raise my family. Eventually, I found that I missed military service and I wanted to earn a military retirement. I chose the Air Guard to serve my last few years. Currently, I serve as the Recruiting and Retention Manager, which I feel is the best job in the Wing, because I have the opportunity to work with all of our members. I enjoy helping our new and current members achieve their goals, by taking full advantage of the many educational benefits and incentives and available to them, as well as helping them achieve their career goals within our Wing. I also enjoy helping Guard members from other Wings find their new Air Guard home with us when life throws a re-location their way.  Achieving my personal goals are the reason I enlisted in 2015. Our Wing and it’s people are the reason I stay.


Master Sgt. Nicholas Carlson (Recruiting Flight Chief)

I enlisted into the Pennsylvania Air National Guard straight out of high school in 2011 into the 201st REDHORSE Squadron in the Electrical Power Production career field. I originally joined to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and to obtain my bachelor’s degree from Penn State University. I am currently Serving as the Flight chief of the Strength Management Team. My primary market for recruiting is anyone pursuing Palace Chase or Palace Front off of active duty.  The reason I became a recruiter was because the Air National Guard has given me all the good things in my life to this point and has opened up countless opportunities for me to succeed personally and professionally. We have a strong reputation here at the 193rd for our mission success, but that has all to do with the quality airman our team has put into the Air National Guard. I look forward to continuing to see our team and the Wing as a whole grow and exceed all expectations!



Tech Sgt. Justin Mulholland (GSU Advanced Recruiter)

I enlisted into the 193rd Special Operations Wing in 2019 as a Production Recruiter. I transferred into the unit under the Palace Chase Program after 10 years of Active Duty. I joined the Pennsylvania Air National Guard because I wanted stability for my family and wanted to also continue serving. I finally had the time to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Leadership and am working on my Master’s in Human Resource and Organizational Development. I am currently serving as the GSU Advanced Recruiter and am responsible for all recruiting efforts for our unit in State College as well as all officer accessions. I have been in recruiting since 2013 and in that time I have worked programs such as Enlisted, Line Officer, Rated Officer, and Health Professions as well as some time as a MEPS Liaison. I love being a part of our leadership team for our outstanding recruiters and look forward to helping them grow as they continue on their recruiting journey.

Internal: AOG

External: Officers



Tech Sgt. Hailey Rutt (Production Recruiter and Retainer)

I enlisted with the 193rd Special Operations Wing in 2013, into the services career field. I initially joined for the incentives and education benefits which I used to earn college credits before getting a position in recruiting! I wanted to become a recruiter because when I was enlisting I looked up to my recruiter so much and appreciated how much she helped me in life, that I wanted to do that one day too. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals. In my free time you can usually find me hanging out with my favorite person in the world which is my five year old, and at the beach! I mainly recruit Officers and TACP but also any other AFSC you are looking into!

Internal Zones: 148th ASOS, 271st CBCS

External Zones: Lebanon, Berks


Tech. Sgt Leon Washington (Production Recruiter and Retainer)

I enlisted with the 193rd Special Operations Wing, 201 Red Horse squadron in 2013 as Client Systems. I initially joined in 2006 and spent 6 years on Active Duty for the opportunity to travel and learn a craft. Currently, I serve as a production recruiter. Recruiting was my ultimate goal! The ability to share my story and pass on the knowledge I’ve gained over the years is the most rewarding feeling I could ask for.  I’ve had an amazing journey so far. I enjoy helping others find their purpose, motivation and achieve their goals. 15 years later I still wear the uniform proudly and couldn’t be happier. The people I work with make all the time, sacrifice and dedication worth it. I feel this team of recruiters is the best the wing has ever seen!

Internal Zones: 201 RHS

External Zones: Cumberland, Perry, Clinton, Potter, Juniata, Mifflin

Personal Marketing:


Senior Amn. Haley Hirthler (Production Recruiter and Retainer)

I enlisted in 2017 and served as an Aerospace Medical Technician with the 193rd SOW Medical Group. I joined to receive education benefits, to travel and to be able to serve her country/state. The ANG has presented me with opportunities to travel to Mississippi, Florida, Virginia, Texas and other locations in the US. In 2020 I was activated by the state of PA to work a joint operation with the Army to help support a mission against COVID-19. In 2021 my journey as a recruiter started after graduating Air Force Recruiting School in July 2021. I serve Franklin, Fulton, Bedford, Bradford, Sullivan and Adams counties.

Contact Us

193rd Special Operations Wing Recruiting
(717) 948-2254

Education Benefits

The Montgomery GI-Bill Selected Reserve (MGIB SR/Chapter 1606) provides education and training benefits to eligible members of the Guard. It is a monthly payment of up to $375 sent directly to the Guardsman (not to the school) to spend on books, supplies--anything the member deems appropriate.

100% College Tuition (can be used in conjunction with GI Bill) is also available through the Pennsylvania Education Assistant Program for eligible members.  This benefit will pay up to $3746.00 per semester based on the full-time rate (12+credits). The member must be a state resident, have a six year contract and have completed Basic Military Training. Member must be in a degree or certificate program at a school approved by the Pennsylvania higher Education Assistant Agency (PHEAA) and located in Pennsylvania.  There are over 400 approved schools. The list of schools include, but is not limited to:

Medical Benefits