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  • 148th ASOS conducts close air support training

    Joint Terminal Attack Controllers of the 148th Air Support Operations Squadron, participated in an annual field training exercise at Fort Indiantown Gap, June 13, 2020 in Annville, Pennsylvania. During the FTX, Airmen participated in multiple close air support mission profiles. (U.S. Air National

  • 148th ASOS conducts night training

    Tactical Air Control Party specialists from the 148th Air Support Operations Squadron conducted night training Jan. 11, 2020, at Fort Indiantown Gap.

  • 148th ASOS participates in total force exercise

    Along with training alongside fellow Airmen at the same base and in the same shops, more widespread realistic training is also a vital piece in remaining mission ready and operational.Eight Airmen from the 148th Air Support Operations Squadron, attached to the 193rd Special Operations Wing here, had