Wing wins prestigious award

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Claire Behney
  • 193rd Special Operations Wing
The Colors at the 193rd Special Operations Wing are about to get a new streamer for the units receipt of the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award. 

This streamer will join 12 others of its kind to be displayed with honor and show the accomplishments of the Wing. These accomplishments would not have been achieved if it weren't for the devoted Airmen who make up the 193rd.

The honor of the AFOUA is awarded to units that have demonstrated meritorious service or outstanding achievement that clearly distinguish them from other units.

"I am proud of the 193rd Special Operations Wing as it consistently sets the bench mark in meeting and indeed exceeding the goals that have been established throughout its demanding high operational tempo," said Brig. Gen. Eric G. Weller, 193rd Wing Commander.

He said the success of the Wing could not have been possible without the "unwavering dedication and commitment" of its Airmen.

The Wing is awarded for their accomplishments for the period Jan. 1, 2006 to Dec. 31, 2007.

A few mission accomplishments include flying 1,630 accident-free missions, involving 5,481.4 accident-free hours; deploying 121 volunteers to Operation Jumpstart; deploying more than 115 volunteers to Operation Winter Freeze; earning 84 individual Community College of the Air Force degrees; deploying eight aviation rotations; moving 300 short tons of cargo; 1,200 commercial shipments to four theaters of operation; gaining 206 members to wing in fiscal year 2007; upholding the reputation of being the most deployed unit in the Air National Guard with Airmen being deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle, and Northern Sovereignty Operations; and the list continues.

This list was gathered as a part of the nomination packet assembled by Capt. Charles R. Longlois, the Wing additional duty historian. The research needed to create the nomination packet took Longlois more than a year to complete.

"I am very proud of our Wing and the truly outstanding people we have here," said Longlois. "I am deeply honored to have the privilege of serving with them, and helping everyone get recognized for their efforts."

Once the packet was prepared it was forwarded for endorsement from Weller, Maj. Gen. Stephen M. Sischo, Deputy Adjutant General Pennsylvania Air National Guard, and Maj. Gen. Jessica L. Wright, Pennsylvania National Guard Adjutant General.

After receiving the endorsements, the nomination packet was sent to the National Guard Bureau were it was up against all similar units within the command. Once at NGB, the packet went up against an award board of six officers ranging in rank from O-4 to O-6. Only 10 percent of packets are recommended annually for the AFOUA.

For the efforts of the 193rd Airmen the Wing will receive a streamer to adorn the Colors, an award citation, a certificate, and unit decorations. The ceremony to present the award to the Wing is yet to be determined.

The accomplishments of the Airmen of the 193rd reveal the strong dedication they have towards the Wing and its mission. It's this type of commitment that makes the 193rd stand out for its excellence and makes winning the AFOUA possible. So Airmen of the 193rd, keep up the good work, it certainly won't go unnoticed.