Son's birthday wish honored

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Spencer Schulz
  • 193rd Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
My daughter recently turned 9 years old. For months prior to her birthday, she explained to her mother and I what she wanted. Her requests ranged from a bunny to the weaver loom, to a cell phone, to an iPod cover. That's just a few of the items she wanted.

Tech. Sgt. Ryon Gingrich, 193rd Special Operations Maintenance Group, experienced something different when his son, Aidyn, turned 9. When Aidyn's mother and father asked him what he wanted for his birthday, his reply shocked his parents. It wasn't a new X-Box or HALO game.

Aidyn said, "You guys give me everything I need. I want to give the troops that defend our country something."

So when Aidyn's enlisted promotion-themed birthday party invitations went out, they read: "In lieu of presents, Aidyn is requesting donations for deployed troops or donations to the Hershey Food Bank."

On Aug. 5, Aidyn donated 87 pounds of food he had collected to the Hershey Food Bank. Aidyn followed that up by presenting gifts to deploying Airmen. He had three boxes containing small sports equipment, playing cards, snacks, hygiene products, activity books and many other items to help raise the moral of deploying troops.

The 193rd Special Operations Maintenance Group Commander, Lt. Col. Kevin Derickson, presented the young man with his commander's coin and thanked him for his selfless act of kindness. With a smile that stretched from ear to ear, Aidyn whispered, "Thank you." He later told his dad that moment was the coolest ever.

No Aidyn, your selfless acts are the coolest ever!