'We fear no evil'

  • Published
  • By Col. David Gann
  • 193rd Special Operations Medical Group commander
When will our enemies realize that acts of terror do not break our will? In fact, evil acts perpetrated against us as a nation have historically strengthened our resolve.

As the video of the attack on the Boston Marathon spectators is replayed on the news, I hope terroristsĀ are disappointed by the lack of panic, and perplexed by the acts of heroism.

People didn't run from the blast; they ran toward the victims. The nurses and medics who staffed the triage tents immediately shifted from minor care to advanced trauma life support. Urgently, yet calmly, they attended to the severely wounded. Though, tragically, a few lives were lost, many more were saved.

Air National Guardsmen are those same responders, our national guardians. They prepare to save lives when evil or disaster strikes. As part of the Homeland Response Force, they provide security by their presence, reassurance through their confidence and calmness from their courage. Bad things will continue to occur, but servants like our Guardsmen will secure life.

Our enemies must eventually realize that we do not run from danger; we run toward it.
We will study the lessons learned from this attack and be better prepared for the next.

Evil will continue to move among and against us, but it will never avert us from the path of life, liberty and happiness. For we fear no evil!