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193rd SOW Strength Management Team invites area guidance counselors to tour base

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Tony Harp
  • 193rd Special Operations Wing

The 193rd Special Operations Wing Strength Management Team held a Center of Influence event May 16 on base here.


The SMT welcomed guidance counselors from two local-area high schools and provided an opportunity for them to learn more about the Pennsylvania Air National Guard and the 193rd SOW by touring the facilities and speaking with Airmen.


Staff Sgt. Lacey McCuean, a production recruiter and retainer with the 193rd SOW, discussed the focus of these types of visits.


“The main purpose of the tour was to be able to share the 193rd SOW story to some of our students’ biggest supporters and influencers,” said McCuean. “Our school counselors continue to take care of us day to day, every year with all of our recruiting needs. It's nice to be able to give back and let them see something we do. It also helps them understand how we differ from other branches who also assist their students.”


The guidance counselors were able to meet with 193rd SOW Airmen and ask questions about the day to day operations and what it is like being in the ANG.


“From a recruiter standpoint, these types of visits are very important because it allows our key players to be able to really embrace and understand where we come from, as well as the opportunities we can offer the students,” said McCuean. “I also think it's really great because some times its really helpful for counselors to hear the answer from someone other than a recruiter."


The consensus among the counselors was that the visit was an excellent learning experience.


“The whole tour the counselors were in awe about what we do, how we do it,” said McCuean. “Throughout the tour, not only did I hear the counselors speak of their students, I also heard a few say, ‘Wow, I should have done this.’”