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From its inception as a pace-setting fighter squadron during World War II, to its present role as the only Air National Guard special operations flying unit, the 193rd Special Operations Wing has remained at the tip of the spear. Read full history.
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193rd SOWAs the only airborne military information support operations broadcasting unit, the 193rd Special Operations Wing  maintains a very high operations tempo and deploys in numerous contingencies throughout the world. The airborne radio and television broadcast mission originated in the mid-1960s with the EC-121 (known as Coronet Solo). The mission later transitioned to the EC-130E (1980) and eventually to the EC-130J (2004). Read more.
EC-130JThe EC-130J Commando Solo, a specially-modified four-engine Hercules transport, conducts information operations, military information support operations and civil affairs broadcasts in AM, FM, HF, TV and military communications bands. A typical mission consists of a single-ship orbit offset from the desired target audience - either military or civilian personnel. The Air Force Special Operations Command's 193rd Special Operations Wing, Middletown, Pa., has total responsibility for the Commando Solo missions. Read full fact sheet.
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The primary flying mission of the 193rd SOW is to execute specialized and contingency operations using advanced aircraft, highly trained operators, specialized tactics, and air refueling techniques to infiltrate/exfiltrate, resupply, and perform information operations for Special Operations Forces. The unit also provides agile combat support with Joint Tactical Air Controllers, Expeditionary Civil Engineering, Combat Communications and Engineering support, Air Operations, Weather support and the 553d Band. The wing's Detachment 1, Bollen Range, provides quality, realistic tactical range environment for flying units; the Lightning Force Academy, which develops the level of knowledge and skill needed to train personnel to support the Engineering Installation mission; and the Regional Equipment Operators Training Site, which provides additional readiness training for upgrading proficiency levels for civil engineer heavy equipment operators throughout the Department of Defense.
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The Air National Guard as we know it today -- a separate reserve component of the United States Air Force -- was a product of the politics of postwar planning and interservice rivalry during World War II. The men who planned and maneuvered for an independent postwar Air Force during World War II didn't place much faith in the reserves, especially the state-dominated National Guard.

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